Claire Horne

Respond to every call that excites your Spirit” – Rumi

Claire Horne is an author and clairvoyant medium in one life, and a library officer in the other. Both of these lives are lived in Adelaide, South Australia. A cinnamon cockatiel named Rossi and a ruby king charles cavalier named Elwood both chose her to be their human. A blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy called Jedd chose her for an Auntie. She drinks a lot of coffee, reads a lot of books, and rides a metallic purple Triumph Street Triple named Aurora. She also belly dances and talks to the Faeries.

Each of these calls excites her Spirit.

She has self-published her first novel, This Little Light of Mine, through Balboa Press Australia (available from and





2 thoughts on “Claire Horne

  1. Hi Claire, Justbeen given your book to read and was wondering if you do personal reading as have a friend and myself looking for a decent Clairvoyant Please let me know Thank You

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    1. Hi Rhonda. I have to apologise for not replying to you sooner. I haven’t logged on here at WordPress for some time and I didn’t realise you had commented. If your friend and yourself haven’t found anyone yet, I certainly do private readings. If you look Claire Horne Writes up on Facebook you can message me there and we can chat, otherwise you can email me at
      Hope to hear from you soon if you’re still looking for someone to do a reading for you. 🙂


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